From 2017 – 2022 Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry implemented an Export Cluster initiative that was focused on the possibilities of increasing the competitiveness of Latvian economically active companies in foreign markets. After the Export cluster initiative, we concluded that export development is very significant both from the point of view of sectors and countries perspective.

LCCI continued to develop and implement various export projects as Lead partner and project partner, and the need for a material database was crucial.

The Export-Cluster website is developed based on research and outcomes from EU-funded projects by the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The content includes materials, resources, and best practices from export projects in countries such as Azerbaijan, Ukraine, China, and Namibia. These projects prioritize international partnerships, combining diverse expertise and perspectives. We provide a platform that reflects best practices and innovative approaches in export development.

We welcome stakeholders to contribute information and materials to enrich our website content.

Depending on the implemented projects, the webpage will be updated with materials and countries. Materials are for public usage purposes. Materials are in English based on international partnership.

The iniciator of the export-cluster.eu platform is Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry which also manages this platform.

"Exporting is not just about selling overseas, it's about the exchange of ideas, innovation, and building relationships across cultures." - Anonymous

Export-cluster webpage content is based on EU project-gained knowledge and expertise.  These projects involve partners primarily from within the European Union, as well as from countries outside the EU based on export project development. The LCCI has established a webpage to disseminate the knowledge and resources derived from these collaborative partnerships.

In pursuit of new collaborations and project involvements, the webpage remains updated with recent materials. The content is presented in English, catering to a global audience and enhancing cross-border communication and cooperation. This approach establishes the webpage as a reliable and comprehensive resource, reflecting ongoing developments in export projects and the LCCI's role in these international partnerships.

We are open to developing new project partnerships as well as attracting experts and stakeholders in ongoing projects. Contact us!