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Procurement opportunities in EBRD projects and EBRD current approach to procurement in Ukraine

The document outlines the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)'s procurement policies, approaches, and opportunities in Ukraine, emphasizing the participation of companies in EBRD-funded projects. It provides detailed guidance on procurement procedures, eligibility, tender and contract conditions, and the use of the EBRD Client e-Procurement Portal (ECEPP), highlighting EBRD's support for enhancing procurement processes in Ukraine amidst increased risks and disruptions.

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EBRD's Support to Ukraine

The document presents an overview of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development's (EBRD) strategic initiatives and support mechanisms for Ukraine, focusing on financial investments and development projects. It emphasizes EBRD's commitment to fostering economic growth and stability in Ukraine through various forms of assistance.

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The economic situation in Ukraine: challenges and outlook

The document is a comprehensive analysis of Ukraine's economic situation, focusing on challenges and outlooks, covering aspects such as GDP trends, external trade, monetary policy, inflation, fiscal revenues and expenditures, and the impact of war damages. It includes detailed graphs and data, reflecting the economic trends and policy responses in Ukraine as of August 2023.

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World Bank Emergency Support in Ukraine: Procurement Opportunities

The document provides an overview of the World Bank's emergency support and project opportunities in Ukraine, detailing the critical areas of reconstruction and recovery efforts. It outlines the estimated costs, specific sectors targeted for assistance, and the scope of emergency projects aimed at restoring infrastructure, public services, and sustaining economic activities.

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Supporting and de-risking Investments into Ukraine

The document outlines the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA)'s efforts to support and de-risk investments in Ukraine, detailing their activities, portfolio overview, key parameters of MIGA cover, and specific project examples. It highlights MIGA's commitment to facilitating investments through political risk insurance, capital optimization for SMEs during conflict, and support for critical industries, aiming to maintain economic activity and competitiveness in Ukraine amidst challenges.

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EU Green Deal. Circular Economy.

Watch a video about European Union Green Deal and Circular Economy. In this video is covered topics as Solutions for Transition to a Circular Economy, examples from the LIFE Waste to Resources IP, Waste to Value – Giving a new life to Construction materials, and examples of companies Lindstrom Latvia and Orkla Latvia.

Opportunities for Latvian Businesses in the Reconstruction of the Ukrainian Economy

Discover the prospects available for Latvian businesses to contribute to the reconstruction efforts of the Ukrainian economy. This guide highlights potential avenues for collaboration, investment, and active involvement in the reconstruction process. Explore how Latvian companies can play a vital role in supporting Ukraine's economic recovery and find opportunities for mutual growth and success in this crucial phase of development.

Opportunities for Latvian entrepreneurs in promoting the Ukrainian economy: Support programs and procurements

Delve into the opportunities available for Latvian entrepreneurs to contribute to the growth of the Ukrainian economy, with a specific focus on support programs and procurement initiatives. This guide outlines potential avenues for collaboration, investment, and participation in programs that aim to strengthen economic ties between Latvia and Ukraine.

Webinar: Digital tools in export marketing and export development

Watch a video about digital tools in export marketing and export development. Is this video is covered topics as digital marketing strategy, unlocking global opportunities through effective websites, SEO role and experience story of Digital marketing by company FELICI LLC.

Webinar: Export standards in the EU food, textile and furniture manufacturing sectors

Watch a video about export standarts in the EU food, textile and furniture manufacturing sectors. In this is included topics as requirements and procedures for importing products of animal origin and feed of plant origin into the EU, requirements and procedures for importing of non-animal origin into the EU, import formalities in the EU, sustainable packaging in EU and Latvia, access to export markets, furniture sector, and certifications.

Webinar: Women in entrepreneurship

Watch a webinar about women in entrepreneurship. In this webinar topics as female in managament position in the NGO sector, women-power in business, brave women of Ukraine: where to find strength to live managementreate and expierence story about way to international business.


Project LATUA was implemented in 2021 – 2022. The project objective was to increase capacity and practical knowledge of Ukrainian NGOs and SMEs about the market of Latvia by organizing practical online workshop sessions and facilitating business relationships between Ukrainian and Baltic States NGOs and SMEs by organizing two study tours/roadshows to Latvia.

Project partners:
Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Ukraine)


Project LATUA-2 is implemented 2023 – 2024. The project aims to provide support to Ukrainian SMEs, NGOs, and public organizations in 18 months to increase their knowledge capacity and contacts, which would facilitate integration into the European Union.

Project partners:
Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Ukraine)

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