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Azerbaijan country report

This material details the European Union's initiatives to support the growth and development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Azerbaijan. It highlights the EU's commitment to enhancing the business environment, fostering economic development, and contributing to the prosperity of the Eastern Partnership region through targeted programs and funding.

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Digitalization in Azerbaijan

This material provides insights into the support for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Azerbaijan. It outlines the initiative's efforts to help SMEs realize their full potential and contribute to economic growth within the Eastern Partnership region. The report is part of the EU4Business initiative, which aims to bolster SMEs across six countries.

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Waste Recycling in Azerbaijan

Waste recycling in Azerbaijan is an emerging sector aimed at addressing environmental concerns and promoting sustainability. The country has been making efforts to improve waste management practices, including recycling and waste separation initiatives in major urban centers like Baku. These initiatives are part of Azerbaijan's commitment to reducing landfill waste and promoting recycling to minimize its environmental impact and support a more sustainable future.

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Textile industry in Azerbaijan

The textile industry in Azerbaijan has been evolving in recent years, transitioning from a primarily import-dependent sector to one with a growing emphasis on local production. With investments in modern manufacturing facilities and a focus on producing a wide range of textiles, including garments and fabrics, Azerbaijan's textile industry is steadily gaining importance in the country's economic diversification efforts.

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Mining heavy industry and metallurgy in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan's mining heavy industry and metallurgy sector play a vital role in the country's economy, with a focus on extracting valuable resources such as oil, natural gas, and minerals. The development of these industries has been a cornerstone of Azerbaijan's economic diversification and growth strategy, contributing significantly to its revenue generation and industrialization efforts.

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Electrical Industry of the Republic of Azerbaijan

The electrical industry in Azerbaijan has witnessed significant growth and modernization in recent years, with investments in infrastructure and renewable energy projects aimed at improving the country's energy production and distribution capabilities.

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EU Business Climate Report Azerbaijan

The publications reflect business climate in Azerbaijan from perspective of European companies working in the country The reports are implemented by European Chambers in Azerbaijan and funded by the European Union

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Doing business in Azerbaijan

Explore essential insights for entrepreneurs and investors looking to establish and thrive in Azerbaijan. Learn about the key aspects of doing business, from initiating your venture and handling permits to securing electricity, property registration, credit acquisition, and more. Discover the intricacies of taxation, trade, investor protection, and legal processes, providing a comprehensive guide for successfully conducting business in Azerbaijan.

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AFEZ Investor Guide

The "Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on thee Alat Free Economic Zone" (AFEZ LAW) sets out the legal framework for the operation development, and governance of the AFEZ. Thee AFEZ legislation, which is comprised of the AFEZ Law and internal regulations, has exclusive jurisdiction in the AFEZ.

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The Alat Free Economic Zone (AFEZ) presentation

Explore Azerbaijan's future in the Caspian Sea Region with Alat Free Economic Zone! Learn about its role in shaping a globally competitive, knowledge-based economy with modern infrastructure. Witness Azerbaijan's rise in international economic relations through Alat Free Economic Zone.

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Economic Zones Development Agency

Established by the President's Decree on January 22, 2021, the Economic Zones Development Agency is a public legal entity tasked with overseeing industrial parks, industrial districts, and coordinating the activities of agricultural parks.

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Information on concessions and exemptions

Information about concessions and exemptions offered in “Aghdam” and “Araz Valley Economic Zone” Industrial Parks located in the liberated territories

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Investment guide

Discover Azerbaijan's economic landscape, covering vital details from location and population to trade policies and business incentives, all in the "Introduction to the Republic of Azerbaijan" card. Get concise insights into key sectors, export activities, and infrastructure possibilities, providing a quick overview of the nation's economic dynamics.

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Invest in Karabakh projects

Catalog of investment projects proposed for the implementation in the territories liberated from occupation.

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Investment projects in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan provides enticing investment prospects in energy, infrastructure, and technology. Its strategic location and abundant resources make it a pivotal player in the Caspian region. Notable projects include oil and gas, with government initiatives supporting non-oil sectors and sustainable development.

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Development of Green Technologies in Azerbaijan

The webinar aims to explore cooperation opportunities for companies and organizations in the energy, green technologies, logistics, transportation, water, and wastewater sectors in Latvia, Estonia, and Finland. Webinar program covers topics as water and wastewater management policy, renewable Energy and Green Technologies, the evolution and outlook of land and maritime transportation network in Azerbaijan.

Education Systems of Azerbaijan – Potential Collaboration Opportunities

Webinar highlights the education system in Azerbaijan and opportunities for collaboration. Watch a webinar to discover the advantages of cooperation with the education sector of Azerbaijan., get familiar with best practices examples of corporate universities, explore the international aspects of Azerbaijan's education system, opportunities for studying abroad, and the presence of international schools ready for cooperation.

A Study of the Education Sector of the Central Baltic Region for Azerbaijani Students

Watch a video about an exciting journey to discover the education sector of the Central Baltic region. In this video, we explore the remarkable education sector of the Central Baltic countries, including Latvia, Estonia and Finland, and highlight the opportunities it offers to Azerbaijani students and readers.

LEF Network Azerbaijan

Project LEF Network Azerbaijan is implemented 2023 – 2026. The project LEF network Azerbaijan aims to achieve 10 sales agreements during 36 months between Finland's, Estonia's and Latvia's mature SMEs and Azerbaijan. Based on small research matching demand and offers are the ICT sector, Green technologies, education - higher and lifelong, interior design as a service and interior design products.

Project partners:
Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Latvia)
Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Estonia)
Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (Finland)
Caspian Energy club (Azerbaijan)

Project LEF Network Azerbaijan is co-financed by Interreg Central Baltic Programme

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